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liz macdonald

About Liz MacDonald

Internationally renown reader, Liz MacDonald can introduce you to your angels and
guides. Helping you learn to hear your own guidance is a unique gift she shares
with her clients.

Liz communicates through automatic writing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, or any
way your angels and guides wish to use. Ask questions and get specific answers.
She will ask your guidance for messages of importance and write their answers
down while talking to you about the meaning of their messages. The reading is
confidential, along the same guidelines as any client-patient relationship.

The gift of communicating with angels and guides is a natural talent and is one
Liz believes she can help you develop. She has studied with the Inner Peace
Movement and has been a member of the Edgar Cayce Foundation and readily
shares her knowledge with you.


While Liz calls the Pacific Northwest home she is at home anywhere and enjoys sharing her gift with people around the world. In her travels she has helped people on six different continents create a better life. Whether you meet with her face-to-face, over the phone, or via the world-wide-web your angels and guides are always available to help.

Notable Events  
2001 October Channeled the Angels on stage at the very first World Angel Day in London, England.
2001 and 2005 November Workshops and lectures at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London.
2005 June Lectured on Angels at the United Nations in Vienna.
2006 October Channeled the Angels at the United Nations in Vienna.

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P.O. Box 75713, Seattle WA, 98125-5713 Telephone: (206) 367-LOVE (5683)
Email: liz@angelreading.com
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